Future Self

The other week, I posted the winner of my Facebook contest. Said winner receives a print of her choice (dinner was reserved for locals), which happens to be of my painting Hasslich.

This piece has been hanging up in my kitchen for over a year, and while not becoming ‘invisible’, I have really revisited it in the process of prepping it for photographing.

“Hasslich” was one of the many 90%-done-but-not-quite-there-yet pieces that I seem to accumulate all to easily. When I finally finished it over a year ago, it was already languishing for an additional year+ in different studio spaces as I bounced from one place to another. It is really intense to view it now through the goggles of time.

I love what the colors do in this piece… the way the cold tones meld with the warm strikes me deep, causing and alleviating conflict in the same stroke, and back again. This combined with slight hints of color compliments push the subject(s) even further.

In all honesty, I still don’t know if it is about one, two, or three persons. I had a pretty solid understanding when I started, that was replaced during the painting and the subsequent ‘languish’ time period. And even today, I have a different filter that suggests it was even more personal than originally intended.

To be clear: it is most definitely about (at least) two persons. I just don’t know if these persons are me. I have always said my paintings are a self portrait of sorts, but nothing is more obvious when I stare into this piece.